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Rekata Studio is a digital media and entertainment company with a passion for storytelling across multiple mediums. Using our platform, we aim to produce compelling stories that we deliver through films, television, books, and other derivative products.





12 Penghargaan Piala Citra :

1. Penata Busana Terbaik, Fadillah Putri Yunindar

2. Pemeran Pendukung Pria Terbaik, Jerome Kurnia

3. Penyunting Gambar Terbaik, Ahmad Yuniardi

4. Penata Musik Terbaik, Yennu Ariendra

5. Pencipta Lagu Thema Terbaik, Milan Tiara

6. Penata Suara Terbaik, Sutrisno dan Satrio Budiono

7. Pengarah Artistik Terbaik, Dita Gambiro

8. Pengarah Sinematografi Terbaik, Gunnar Nimpuno

9. Penulis Skenario Asli Terbaik, Henricus Pria dan Wregas Bhanuteja

10. Pemeran Pria Terbaik, Chicco Kurniawan

11. Sutradara Terbaik,Wregas Bhanuteja

12. Film Cerita Panjang Terbaik

-In Competition | Sundance Film Festival 2020 

-In Competition | Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2020

-In Competition | Winterthur International Short Film Festival 2019 

-In Competition | Singapore Film Festival 2019 

-In Competition | Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2019 

-Citra Award for Best Narrative Short Film | Festival Film Indonesia 2019

-Official Selection | Busan International Film Festival 2019


Adi Ekatama


Wregas Bhanuteja

Pramudya Andika

Hetih Rusli


Adi established Gramedia Digital Nusantara, which has developed a number of initiatives that has been driving Kompas Gramedia's (the largest media group conglomerate in Indonesia) digital transformation. In 2019, he established Rekata Studio, a digital media and entertainment company that exclusively manages, and develops Intellectual Properties (IP) derivatives of all the IP owned and published by seven of the biggest book publishing companies in Indonesia.

Wregas made some short films including "Lembusura" (2015) that competed in Berlin International Film Festival 2015. In 2016, he won Best Short Film in Cannes Critics Weeks with his short film "Prenjak/In The Year of Monkey" (2016) and won Silver Screen Award for best short film in Singapore International Film Festival 2016. His short film, "No One is Crazy in This Town" (2019), competed in Sundance Film Festival 2020 and Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2020. Now he has done his first feature film "Penyalin Cahaya" ("Photocopier") that won 12 Piala Citra awards at Indonesian Film Festival 2022.

Pramudya is active in the Indonesian creative industry community since 2011, especially in comics and intellectual property. He was helping the promotion of a number of Japanese comics such as Attack On Titan, Dragon Ball, Assassination Classroom; communicating with Japanese agencies; and bringing local Indonesian IP's to the global markets, such as Si Juki. Pramudya is also involved in many programs of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

Hetih is the licensing & publishing director in Rekata Studio. With more than 20 years of experience in editing and translating literary works, she was responsible for bringing to Indonesia hit novel series such as Twilight and The Hunger Games. She is also the brain behind GWP.ID.

Melvi, always happy to live her passion in books, literacy, and creative industries. Working in a publishing company and being involved in the literacy communities as well as book/publisher and the creative economy organizations gave her the opportunity to participate in promoting the Indonesian literacy movement, books, and IP at various events in Indonesia and abroad.  


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