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Rekata Project

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“Wengi” is a drive-thru attraction, based on a horror novel, published by Rekata’s publishing partner, titled “Wingit.”

It is a hybrid spooky ride that mixes the experience of a traditional haunted house with virtual reality (VR) technology, which is specifically produced to bring out the scariest possible experience for this attraction.

GWP.ID is one of the biggest local digital writing platforms in Indonesia, managed and developed by Rekata Studio. Rekata’s exclusive partnership with the largest Indonesian publishing group, makes GWP.ID not only the main destination for Indonesian aspiring writers to showcase their works, but also the main writing platform used by Indonesia’s largest book publishing group to scout new and upcoming Indonesian writers. It also becomes the source of new and potential IPs for Rekata Studio.

44.707 users/authors
12.372 stories
50 published books

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Repaint Indonesia

#RepaintIndonesia is an art movement, initiated by Rekata Studio, to appreciate the good works of Indonesian people, and to embrace Indonesia’s uniqueness, which all have and will continually contribute to the nation’s resiliency since its inception. In #RepaintIndonesia, Rekata collaborate with Indonesian young artists to translate this vision into murals. 

#RepaintIndonesia is inspired by a book published in 2022 by Rekata’s publishing partner, titled “Crossing the Wall.”

Murals from #RepaintIndonesia have been collaborated further with brands, and adapted in products such as shoes and bicycles. These shoes and bicycles were sold out on the first day of their pre-sales period.

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